Do you know your nutrition status?

Key nutrient deficiencies are more common than you think and can lead to major health problems. VitaScan™ enables fast, accurate, and low-cost testing of your body's vitamins and micronutrients.

Test anywhere

Finding out your vitamin levels now can be costly, time-consuming, and confusing. With VitaScan's portable system, you can skip the hospital bloodwork and test on your own terms— at your local physician's office, clinic, or even at home.

At home

For the first time, you can test and track key vitamins and micronutrients from the comfort of your own home. Just place a single drop of blood onto the VitaScan test strip, and results are sent to your mobile phone in about 10 minutes— no doctor's appointment required!

At your doctor's

You can also have your vitamin levels tested at your local clinic. No more waiting for bloodwork to come back from the lab— VitaScan results are available in minutes, not days.

Personalized feedback

Because we don’t always make the best dietary choices, direct measurements of vitamin levels can help monitor nutrition status and make dietary adjustments to meet your personal needs. By tracking vitamin levels, you can be confident that you are doing your best to keep healthy and fit.

How it works

1. Apply one drop of blood to our custom test strip

2. Insert test strip into the VitaScan reader

3. Get results on your phone or computer in about 10 minutes

Get the complete picture

VitaScan has developed tests for many key vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron. With the VitaScan platform, you can get a complete, data-driven picture of your health.

The VitaScan Team


Li Jiang, Ph.D.


Dakota O'Dell, Ph.D.


David Erickson, Ph.D.

Board Member

Saurabh Mehta, M.B.B.S., Sc.D.

The science behind VitaScan

The technology behind the VitaScan has been developed for over 5 years by a team of engineers and medical researchers at Cornell University. This work has been featured in numerous scientific publications:

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